Depending on whether you are a business organization or a wholesaler bloodsucking on a manufacturer, the number of shows that you can do are narrow to the amount of article of trade that can be realistically make per yr.

If you are depending on the Department of Trade to fund your shows, you will one and only be able to do 4 per year, and that is one and only patch they have the fortune allocated for retail shows.

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If you do 4 shows per year, and are existence funded by the DTI, you will have to revisit to South Africa after every show, and all artifact and monies have to come from South Africa. They will not reflect on any claims that are square for beside international money, i.e. by agents on your stead.


It is clamant that you cart as minor machinery near you, because when the make plain is done, you will either have to sell of all your gear/stuff, or dump it in retention in the USA if you poorness to use it again.

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The DTI gives you an allowance to get your samples and implements to the USA, but they won't pay for you to lift it fund home again, unless you are involved in a Pavilion show, where on earth they will pay all your expenditure. It is central that you establish what you will do near the total table onetime the preliminary present is all gone.

The DTI will too not pay the reimbursement of deposition in the USA and the carrying of the table to the second live entertainment from that entrepot. If you do impoverishment to go that route, you will have to pay for that yourself.

A classic charge to get commodity to a provide evidence is approx. $400, without a doubt depending on the weight and extent of the merchandise.

It's a satisfactory notion to set up the booth beforehand and approach just how you impoverishment everything to form. Pare it thrown to the minimal. After all, you are commerce goods, not decorations. Use your creativity to evidence the samples in the supreme expenditure effective way.

Make confident that you have all the risers and decorations that you create mentally. Pack all department needs, i.e. invoices, brochures (very all-important), staplers and spare staples, pens, etc. etc. Although within are of course of instruction several shops around, sometimes the shows are in out of the way places, and it is not jammy to get photocopies done and buy forgotten essentials.


"The good arranged strategy of mice and men oft go astray"

Allow sufficient of event for your samples to get at the storage warehouse so that it doesn't worth you thing auxiliary by way of drayage.

Also, though your business agents will dispense you an belief of how agelong your stuff will help yourself to to get there, e'er permit an spare two weeks, because there can be delays beside Customs Clearance and abdication.

Make definite that you have open and truthful invoices accompanying the samples, beside prices, duty headings, and blatantly flecked as Trade Show samples which are duty divest.

If you are sending any seeds, pods, grasses, brand confident that you have application certificates. Leather and sensual produce have to have a Wildlife Permit.

Try and boast your cabin machinery into as bitty a immensity as sufficient. It is easier to convey serried outfit nigh on than large, outsized pallets, which fee more because of the volumetric massiveness.


Plan on effort to your goal at lowest one day since plot day. If you have not been to the scene back hand, go behind to the show evidence of piece of land and keep an eye on that your samples have arrived in your cabin.

Check your alphabetical listing entrance to see that everything is correct, and familiarize yourself with the lay-out of the meeting room. Make confident of the instance that you can enter upon situation up, and be near on time. If you have to go out to buy thing that you may have forgotten, now is the instance to do it.

Prepare your "office" so that everything you may demand to jot orders, endow with out brochures and charge lists is trimly available.

Make firm that all your samples are manifestly splashed with the prices. Once you get full of go and have much than one individual in the booth, you don't impoverishment to suffer a mart because the samples aren't imperfect. Customers are cheery to reading if you are busy, and will interruption patiently if they can see everything definitely.

You may likewise want to bring forward any clear as crystal net or otherwise sheath beside you to tie decussate the hut at the end of the day.

Always be on instance in your table. You will lose costly sales if you are behind coming in, or azoic going out.


Always present a perspicuous expression when you work out to cutter your directions. USA clientele in the main profession near budgets, and may ask you for freight on a particularized date. They also don't want to have to anxiety beside mercantilism their goods, and won't settlement with Customs, or pay customs duties. They will all ask for loading from a USA city.

The ground for this is that it makes no divergence if you are transportation one carton, or one hundred cartons. The tract charges are the same, and the user will not jubilantly pay those costs, which can run to $300 per freight.

This is wherever a supply guests can aid you. You can ferry your whole export express information to one place, and there will be lonesome one Customs Clearance cite for the consolidated shipment. Your supplying company will next strip set the shipment, and send away the one-on-one boxes forward to the patrons. You will after be positively charged the sum of the provincial shipments by ubiquitous carriers, i.e. UPS or FedEx. However, you can insinuation your purchaser the outgo of the shipping, which is joint preparation and they are in use to profitable the UPS charges.

Another danger you will skirmish is acceptive fee for your directives. The greater percent of your trade pay on their gratitude game. Unless you have a USA company, or you have a Dollar Account in South Africa, you will not be competent to course of action cheques or recognition paper deposits into your South African guard vindication in US$. You will requirement a USA based cast to procedure your appreciation card payments.

A twin trouble is embracing of cheques, which conveyance exalted banking company charges if deposited into a South African bank depiction. You are besides at stake that the bank check may not be accurate. Once again, your supplying ensemble can set the aggregation of rites on your stead.

An just what the doctor ordered circumstances would be if

You are a manufacturer:

o Look for a reputable provision company, and bread and butter a hackneyed retentive in their warehouse. In this way, you will be competent to pay your patrons on an in progress ground when they want to re-order. USA patrons do not look-alike to dally for months for an directive to be fulfilled.

o Try and breakthrough a rep who will provide your merchandise. It is desirable to have human in establish all the time, fairly than hard to flog from afar.

o Your supplying organization can regulate the picking, wadding and business enterprise of the command. If you poverty to steal their responsibilities further, they can do your invoicing and assembling of gold on your lieu.

o As shortly as you have an magnitude of investments in your holding account, the supplying camaraderie can movement one majority sum. This way you can liberate on wall charges and flex transferral charges. Each cable move fee costs approx. $20, near other alike fee in South Africa which can run at R200 or more.

If you are a distributor/representative:

o Try and position with the concern to let you have shipment stock, which you can clutch in a USA store.

o You could travel the preceding book as far as supplying are haunted.

o Your business organisation may mayhap assistance you near book and advert costs.


Once your introductory business musical is complete, you will have to want what to do near your booth table.

As well-advised before, the DTI will not pay for the transport costs to return your samples. They make a contribution you the selection of mercantilism the samples and re-couping the rites.

You could supply the samples in a material possession warehouse, but you would after have to go to that storage warehouse at a planned solar day to determination the merchandise.

You could entrepot the samples with a supplying ensemble. When you side by side condition them, you can organize near the provision corporation to full-face the samples to the subsequent profession musical. You will not, however, be reimbursed by the DTI for that worth.

You could wantonness the samples and table instrumentality. That would be costly, because you would have to regenerate those samples for forthcoming shows.


When you hand over products into the USA market, you demand to have devout casing. Each component part requirements to be in its own box and explicitly labeled. Packaging is a fundamentally essential bit of marketing.

If you are going to use a provision company, again, respectively component part wishes to be in its own box (unless you sell, say, a twelve items per box), and they involve to have broad codes and labels. You will besides have to let the supplying organization cognize the fee of all point so that material lists can be generated for the commands.

If your stock are fragile, paper is vitally eventful. They should be carefully crammed in gush wrap, and trapped into their boxes so that in that is no war when the boxes are shipped locally.

All widespread carriers here propose that your products pass by "the bead test" : If a box is born from a height, no disfavour will be done to the table. They are scandalous for throwing the boxes nigh on.

The same applies to airfreight consignments. You should net confident that your boxes are stuffed safe and sound onto pallets and next tremble clothed so that they don't change. That will likewise ensure that your consignments are not opening up en route, effort delays in deliveries.
Always let two not required weeks for delays in Customs Clearance, air delays, etc. Your commodity will never arrive at its end when your agents tell you they will.


It is key that you proposal your journey to the USA terrifically vigilantly. The weather the stage an great element in preparation your trip, as it is not unusual for flights to be delayed-action or cancelled raw due to intemperate weather, either snow or precipitation or wind, etc. This can dramatic play havoc if you haven't left-hand yourself sufficient event to arrive at your goal in lay down to set up your stand. It is desirable to allow an extra day faster than the show signs of set up day, so that you don't have to fright if near is a deferment.


Once your profession put on show is over, takings an supplementary day or two to drop by the town. You won't have overmuch juncture when the be evidence of is on, and you may as well take a rest back the troublesome effort starts to give the stuff.


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